• Herrn Meyer zu Erpen, Cavallo

    „When Mr Mertens asked us what we thought about the text for the website, we came up with plenty of positive attributes: professional, sustainable and well-informed. However, the most important thing is that the concepts and services provided by J M Mertens have helped us at Cavallo to continually expand our sales floors.
    Both at our company and with our sales partners, Mr Mertens enjoys a very high degree of trust.
    We are delighted to lend our support to Mr J M Mertens with this quote.“

  • Burkhard Stuhlemmer, Managing Director, Baldessarini GmbH

    „Mr Mertens created a detailed retail guideline plan for the BALDESSARINI store expansion. In addition, he succeeded in optimizing the working procedures at the “Fünf Höfe” BALDESSARINI retail store in Munich, where sales increased significantly during the project period.

    JMM was fully focused on the project and communicated regularly with all the BALDESSARINI departments/interfaces.

    Mr Mertens quickly identified himself with the BALDESSARINI world/brand and immediately assumed responsibility for the “Fünf Höfe” BALDESSARINI store. This formed a solid basis for mutual trust.

    More BALDESSARINI projects have been planned with JMM.“

  • Herrn Oliver Grote, IVR GmbH & Co. KG

    „Mr Mertens is a retail business professional and offers expert advice to the IVR purchasing group. In 2010/2011, Mr Mertens provided training on sales techniques to retailers from the IVR group. Mr Mertens has worked closely together with the IVR experience exchange group, which comprises six IVR speciality retailers who were then able to record above-average sales increases in a very difficult market. For the SPOGA trade fair, Mr Mertens informs all the IVR members of the key figures from the field of equestrian sports.

    Mr Mertens has a business-like approach to his work, is highly organized and passionate about what he does. He understands the challenges faced by the stationary retail sector and implements pragmatic measures to deal with them.

    Mr Mertens enjoys the complete trust and confidence of the IVR experience exchange group.
    We look forward to working on more projects with JMM.“

  • Frau Dr. Stella Ahlers, Ahlers AG

    „Mr Mertens worked with the pierre cardin brand in the following key areas during the period of retail growth:

    Recruitment of store staff in Munich Pasing, the Hamburg AEZ shopping centre and the Düsseldorf flagship store

    Retail area management focusing on staff leadership at the Munich Pasing and Hamburg AEZ stores

    Establishing a basic structure for key figures for retail analysis at pierre cardin stores

    Mr Mertens worked highly efficiently and in a straightforward manner. His staff motivation has long-term effects on the sales floors. The pierre cardin brand quickly gathered speed thanks to the pragmatic retail measures introduced to the sales floors.

    Mr Mertens had access to all the figures relevant to the store while working for us. He worked trustingly with all the Ahlers retail sectors. Information from the pierre cardin stores was communicated immediately and in great detail.“

  • Herrn Ralf Reckmann, Golfino / RDC

    „Having worked on large-scale projects together, Mr Mertens has always impressed me with his highly specialized knowledge of the stationary retail business and, when working with us for a key customer, he also made a considerable contribution to the global development of the company’s range and to the reorganisation of the strategy for its stock and staff. I can wholeheartedly recommend “J M Mertens today we start retail.“

  • Frau Buderer, Sporthändler

    „I am delighted to have found a competent consultant for our retail questions in J M Mertens.
    The regular staff training sessions at our company keep our sales team highly motivated and they know that these sessions are a key factor in the success of the company.“

  • Herrn Schächinger, HÄFELE

    „J M Mertens supported HÄFELE from the planning to the implementation stage of the first Häfele partner shop in Vilnius. His work chiefly focused on:

    Modularisation of our products
    Integration of these modules into a furniture concept for the shop floor
    Accompanying the production process up to the opening of the store

    The structured way of working shown by Mr Mertens meant that we were able to open our shop after just 6 months. Indeed, we are still benefitting from the retail expertise of J M Mertens for our efficient and rapid shop expansion.
    If your company is looking for vertical solutions, I can recommend the services of J M Mertens. It is always a pleasure and highly motivating to work together with Mr Mertens.“

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